The ART of The Father and of The Son

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Vintage Aircraft Paintings
from The Father
"Mail Plane in Snow"

"Mail Plane in Snow"
an original oil painting by Albert J. Enckler
"Crystal Ship""Night Vision"Experimental
Abstract Paintings

from The Son

"Night Vision" (on left)
an original painting by TE

"Crystal Ship" (on right)
an original painting by TE


This website features artistic works from both Father and Son.  What is first, and most apparent, is the diverse contrast both in their styles and in their intent.

The Father painted for enjoyment...for relaxation, an escape from the pressures of the "9 to 5" -- he painted in order to recapture feelings of pure freedom when he piloted his P-51 and owned the sky.  The Father's works are those of a "perfectionist."  The Father has always placed attention on the "details" of life.  The famous architect, Mies van der Rohe surely grasped this bit of wisdom.  "God is in the details," he was quoted as saying.

The Son, on the other hand, paints more with the concerns of a Kandinsky, with a need for expressing the "internal necessity" of art.    The Son seeks to become the "Internal Technologist" as referred to in Jose Arguelles' The Transformative Vision.  The Son paints with the hopes of reconnecting, through Painting, with that greater part of himself and he paints with a passion along with an urgency that springs unceasingly from his inner depths.

The Son paints with the directive of maintaining sanity amidst the madness and turmoil of his times.    The Son paints to remember.

Thus, the differences between Father and Son.

One significant note, however, is that each artist, although a  generation apart in their thinking, still shares the same fundamental core beliefs --a moral and ethical foundation solid from the Beginning...a love of country, a respect for all beings and a profound adherence to the basic principles of love and kindness.

It is hoped that you will encounter images on this web-site which both stir your soul and guide you to a state of peaceful resolve.



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